Moneris Analytics Token

Harness the power of your transaction data. Assess omni-channel purchase behaviour trends with tokenized data that provides actionable insights.

Understand Purchase Behaviour and Assess Customer Loyalty

Payment data contains a wealth of insights to help you to better understand your customer’s purchase behaviours. However, privacy and information security regulations restrict the ability to store and use cardholder data. The Moneris Analytics Token offers direct access to secure transaction data. Card number tokenization ensures regulatory compliance empowering organizations without compromising customer identity or privacy. Leveraging this solution can help you uncover valuable insights into your customer’s spending habits, product preferences and purchase frequency to better tailor your marketing or retail strategies and optimize your product offerings. Understand buying behaviour across in-store and online purchases to measure the effectiveness of your strategy, identify areas for improvement and optimize your business activities to increase long term customer engagement and loyalty.

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Key Insights

Customer Loyalty

Measure new or returning customers, as well as those with high attrition risk using metrics such as frequency, recency and basket size of purchases across time and different stores.

Cross-Store Purchase Behaviour

Reveal which stores attract repeat customers and whether store’s locations are too concentrated serving the same customer base.

Customer Lifetime Value

Monitor performance, better predict future revenue targets, and make smarter strategic decisions to increase your customers lifetime value.

Refunds and Returns Fraud

Better manage refunds or returns by understanding transaction patterns or by searching for anomalies in customer returns.

Buying Behaviour

Assess buying patterns for specific products across multiple locations, and further understand how different types of customers (e.g. new vs. loyal) shop at your stores.

Cross-Product Purchase Behaviour

Better understand shopping behaviour across categories or different products groups, including repeat purchases.

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Understand Customer Behaviours

Utilize consumer spending data to understand and predict where customers are and their buying behaviour.

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Improve Geo-Targeting

Employ consumer location insights to understand where your customers are located and how their buying behaviour changes to improve your digital targeting.

* Residency is determined at an FSA level; determination is dependent on a certain minimal level of transactional activity on a card. To ensure the privacy and anonymity of individual cardholders, geo-locational reporting is at an FSA level (or higher); a specific geo-location will only be reported if it meets certain minimum constraints.

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