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Enrich and augment your existing data with timely, comprehensive consumer spending and location data to better understand of your organization’s analytics.

Enhance your Existing Data Capabilities

There is often a problem with the quality and quantity of available data that data market providers and integrators use. Working in a data silo can limit the quality of the data, and disparate data sources can lead to a lack of synchronicity. Our extensive consumer spending data can help expand the depth and breadth of data you offer to your client base. As one of Canada’s largest payment processors, we offer anonymized data that includes all types of merchants, industries, card brands and geo-locations. Your team can combine our data and insights with your own to expand your understanding of consumer behaviour and market trends. You can leverage these insights to create audience segments and enhance your geo-location analytics capabilities. With expanded access to secure consumer spending data, you can offer your clients more value and actionable consumer and business insights.

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Improve Geo-Targeting

Help drive sales and better returns on ad spending by focusing your marketing campaigns on locations with the greatest response.

how we help

Optimize Policies & Economic Decisions

Review consumer spending trends and the impact on local businesses to help inform and optimize policy and economic decisions.

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