Location Data (Store Level)

Learn more about the locations which bring in the most spending. Inform your business and marketing strategies to meet customers where they are.

Optimize your Geo-Targeting

Understanding which locations attract the most customers valuable insight for any business. So is identifying the geo-locations that are under-represented in your consumer base. Moneris® Data Services has access to a large breadth of consumer payment data spanning over 250 unique merchant locations. In the absence of an in-house customer loyalty program, this knowledge can help you assess the effectiveness of your current business and marketing efforts. These insights help inform your strategies moving forward and ensure your business is meeting customers where they are.

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Key Insights

Distance to Purchase

Estimate the distances customers travel to make an in-store purchase. Assess and improve the effectiveness of your marketing strategies by comparing customer spend volumes from different geo-locations.

Cross-Store Purchase Behaviour

Evaluate whether stores are overly concentrated in certain geo-locations and measure purchase frequency across different store locations.


Know the geo-locations where your customer base is under-represented. Inform your marketing plans and customer targeting strategies going forward.

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Access a sample Location Data (Store Level) report and understand how our data is measured and represented for this solution.

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how we help

Understand Customer Behaviours

Use consumer spending data to understand and better predict where customers are and their buying behaviour.

how we help

Improve Geo-Targeting

Employ location insights to understand where your customers are located and how their buying behaviour changes to improve your digital targeting.

* Residency is determined at an FSA level; determination is dependent on a certain minimal level of transactional activity on a card. To ensure the privacy and anonymity of individual cardholders, geo-locational reporting is at an FSA level (or higher); a specific geo-location will only be reported if it meets certain minimum constraints.

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