Consumer Spending Trends

Inform your business strategy or policy decisions with insights into the purchasing behaviour of Canadian consumers and spending trends within the Canadian economy.

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Consumer insight is powerful knowledge that can help inform business strategy and government policy. As one of Canada’s largest payment processors, Moneris® Data Services has the ability to harness real-time consumer spending insights across 3.5 billion transactions. Gain access to consumer purchasing behaviour and spending trends within different industries and geo-locations at varying levels of granularity. The breath and timeliness of this information can help companies and governments understand current consumer spending trends, gather consumer insights and analysis, and monitor the effects of any decisions. Government entities can inform research studies, forecasting models and policy decisions. Stay ahead of the shifting consumer trends and competitor performance and better inform your business and marketing strategies. Access inflation adjusted indices to better understand the real financial growth of an industry accounting for the change in power of the Canadian dollar.

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Key Insights

Economic Impact

Better understand the changes and impact on the Canadian economy by reviewing consumer purchasing behaviour and spending trends across different periods, industries and geo-locations.

Purchasing Behaviours

Tailor business and marketing strategies to consumer behaviours through leveraging consumer spending data to identify shifting spending trends between online and in-store shopping.

Competitive Benchmarks

Use aggregate data to compare sales growth with industry performance across specific geo-locations and time periods to assess whether business and marketing strategies need to change.

Inflation Adjusted

Measure true economic performance and customer purchasing behavior by utilizing market indexes with the effect of industry-specific price inflation removed from the data.

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Optimize Policies & Economic Decisions

Access consumer spending data across different regions, industries and periods to benchmark strategic decisions and inform future direction.

* Residency is determined at an FSA level; determination is dependent on a certain minimal level of transactional activity on a card. To ensure the privacy and anonymity of individual cardholders, geo-locational reporting is at an FSA level (or higher); a specific geo-location will only be reported if it meets certain minimum constraints.

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