Optimize Policies & Economic Decisions

Review consumer spending trends and the impact on local businesses to help inform and optimize policy and economic decisions.

Big Decisions require Data-backed Evidence

For policies and economic decisions to be effective and bring about their intended changes, they must be designed and delivered based on data-driven evidence and insights. Moneris processes over 3.5 billion transactions annually across over 325,000 merchant locations and for all major card brands. We have access to relevant and timely insights and granular-level analysis on consumer spending trends and their impact on businesses that reveal deeper insights into consumer spending across Canada and in all industries. Our data can be analyzed geographically by national, provincial, regional, city or at a Forward Sortation Area (FSA) level. Access high-frequency data to help ensure your decisions deliver the most effective results in a constantly changing economic environment.

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Location Data (Geo Level)

Learn where your consumers are located, their purchase patterns, and their behaviors within different regions. Gain insights on how tourists visit and spend in your region and how local consumers (residing in your region) spend in other areas.


Consumer Spending Trends

Review and compare market trends over time for various areas and industry segments to evaluate the economic health of a region or industry.


Event-Impact Analysis

Measure the impact of a specific event, policy or project on consumer spending and local businesses by comparing spending performance in a targeted geo-location and industry with comparative benchmarks within the same period.

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