Improve Geo-Targeting

Help drive sales and better returns on ad spend by focusing your marketing campaigns on locations with the greatest conversions.

Transform Location Insights into Actionable Results

Reaching customers at the right time and place has always been challenging. Marketers are increasingly under pressure to deliver the most return with limited budgets. With retail analytics data from Moneris, your team can access key insights on how and where to target customers based on the most penetrated geo-locations. Using consumer spending and location data insights across a broad spectrum of merchant categories allows you to gain insights into the areas where your consumers might be shopping most. Combine these insights to improve the success of your campaigns by analyzing location spending propensity within your industry and target locations with high market demand and above-average consumer spending.

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Location Spending Propensity

Focus your marketing efforts by understanding the regions with high consumer spending in your industry and where consumers who spend the most in your industry reside.


Location Data (Store Level)

Discover the regions where your customers are located and shop, and assess potential areas where your customer base may be under-represented.


Tourism Insights

Better understand where foreign and domestic tourists come from and how they spend across specific destination regions by industry and time.

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