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Help minimize decision risk by using trusted industry trends data complete with location specific insights to help develop informed and actionable recommendations.

Data-driven Recommendations. Empowered Results.

Consultants and advisors face many challenges in the era of digitalized business with competition in consultative services on the rise as well. Increasingly demanding clients expect the best advice in an increasingly complex macro-environment. Moneris’ extensive spending data and insights can help you develop successful action plans for your clients. Assess existing initiatives and recommendations with data from a wide array of merchant categories, industries, across various card brands and geographic areas. Leverage data insights to inform and guide recommendations. Measure changes in buying behaviors, market and spending trends and compare different regions and industries to benchmark and rank results. Our data analytics can give you the competitive edge to stand out and offer data-driven recommendations.

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how we help

Optimize Policies & Economic Decisions

Review consumer spending and industry trends and the impact on local businesses to help inform and optimize policy and economic decisions.

how we help

Measure Market Impact

Test and measure the economic impact of your events and projects to inform strategic project decisions and drive positive growth for businesses.

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