Measure Market Impact

Leverage event-driven insights to test and measure the economic impact of your events and projects to inform strategic project decisions and drive positive growth for businesses.

Inform your Strategic Decisions and Promote Growth

Events and infrastructure projects are helpful ways to promote economic growth in an area. It is critical to measure the impact of these events and projects to assess their success and whether these projects should be continued, modified or stopped. Our data represents a sizeable footprint on consumer spending across all geographic areas and industry segments. Conduct a “test and control” analysis of your events and projects to compare consumer spending performance in a targeted area against comparative areas. You can measure the market impact of street closures, new bike lanes, or even “Shop Local” campaigns. You can even analyze the data using different geographic locations and industry segments for deeper insights.

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Event-Impact Analysis

Compare consumer spending performance in a target geo-location or industry against other locations or industries within the same period to effectively measure the impact of specific events, policies and projects on consumer spending and local businesses.

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