Strategic Policy Development

Develop and implement strategic policy research and analysis using consumer spending data. Enhance reports with granular levels of data to effectively measure and validate programs.

Inform and Validate Decisions with Long term impacts.

The lack of reliable and detailed data makes it especially difficult for strategic policy makers to recommend long-term initiatives that require ongoing investment. As one of Canada’s largest payment processors, we are in a unique position to offer robust card-agnostic data at various granular levels. Through proprietary anonymized spending data, you can understand Canadian spending habits and measure recovery rates across different regions and industries. Results can then be benchmarked and ranked to help determine which policies are most effective and where they can be best applied. By looking at detailed consumer spending insights, you can propose the most suitable strategic recommendations for each region and industry to help accelerate economic recovery.

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Optimize Policies & Economic Decisions

Assess consumer spending trends and the impact on local businesses to help inform and optimize policy and economic decisions.

how we help

Measure Market Impact

Test and measure the economic impact of your events and projects to inform strategic project decisions and drive positive growth for businesses.

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