Research Analysts and Economists

Support and aid your research using high-quality consumer spending data and business insights with the levels of granularity and frequency you need.

Understand Economic Trends using Trusted, Canadian Data.

Reliable data is critical for informing and optimizing strategic decisions and policies. Yet there may not always be access or limited access to the data resources and analytics needed to support your studies. Economists require meaningful and real-time data to forecast changes in the Canadian economy and provide insights on economic recovery. We offer real-time online and in-store payment data from all types of merchants, industries, locations and time periods. You can view this data at varying levels of granularity and at your desired frequency to identify market and consumer trends. Utilize our reliable, comprehensive and frequent data to measure the Canadian consumer economy and inform your strategic policies and decisions.

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how we help

Optimize Policies & Economic Decisions

Review consumer spending trends and the impact on local businesses to help inform and optimize policy and economic decisions.

how we help

Measure Market Impact

Test and measure the economic impact of your events and projects to inform strategic project decisions and drive positive growth for businesses.

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