Understand Customer Behaviours

Help drive growth and enhance customer experience by aligning marketing and strategic decisions to changing buying behaviours and market trends.

Utilize Data to Stay Ahead of Shifting Spend Trends

With the acceleration of change, knowing more about market trends, and consumer spending habits will help you remain competitive. Our consumer data insights can help inform decisions on how to best market to your customers, keep them engaged and deliver products and services aligned with their needs. Our consumer spending data can help provide insights into questions like where your customer base is, how far they travel to your stores, how much and how frequently they spend, whether they shop exclusively at your stores, and more. By looking at the insights and analysis gathered from our payment data, you will better understand your customer’s habits and spending trends, learn how to better target them and tailor your overall strategies.

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Location Data (Store Level)

Better determine where your customers are located, how far they travel to make an in-store purchase and their spending habits to inform your marketing and strategic decisions.


Customer Acquisition and Loyalty

Learn whether your business is driven by new customers or repeat purchases from existing customers. Determine the split between existing customers who purchase exclusively with your brand versus those who also purchase from other brands.

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