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Optimize digital marketing strategies and find opportunities to increase your ROI with analysis of buying behaviours, consumer trends and industry benchmarks.

Adapt your Strategy to Customer Behaviours

Marketing agencies are increasingly under pressure to optimize strategies to deliver the most return on investment. Understanding the competition through market benchmarking can help identify effective marketing tactics and uncover additional opportunities. Your agency requires data for adequate and effective market benchmarking across different verticals, consumer spending categories and market share. As Canada’s largest payment processor1, Moneris has access to retail data across various industries, locations and time periods. Understand where a business stands across different verticals and industries and validate business and marketing decisions with historical and current economic indicators data. Our customized monthly data reporting can showcase the effectiveness of your shorter- and longer-term tactics. You can inform your strategy by keeping track of market and consumer trends and finding opportunities to increase ROI through more targeted marketing strategies.

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Improve Geo-Targeting

Help drive sales and better returns on ad spending by focusing your marketing campaigns on locations with the greatest response.

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