Location Data (Geo Level)

Gain location specific insight to better understand the spending trends of Canadian consumers residing in various geo-locations.

Utilize Market Data to Better Inform your Plans

Moneris® Data Services has access to a wealth of recent and historical consumer payment data growing at a rate of 600 transactions a second. Private and public sector organizations rely on this comprehensive data to help inform business and policy decisions which also often have a major economic impact. Our location specific consumer reports can help enrich a business or government agency’s understanding of the purchase behaviours for various geo-locations in terms of where consumers make their purchases and how much they spend. Businesses and agencies can use this data to learn more about consumer spending and understand changes in spending trends due to events like the recent pandemic.

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Key Insights

“Buying Local”

Gain insights into the purchasing trends of consumers and the propensity to “buy local” versus travelling to other geo-locations for purchases.

Domestic Tourism

Use consumer spending data to better understand and assess the spending tendencies of domestic Canadian tourists and the impact of various events on tourism trends.

Economic Impact

Assess economic impact by comparing and contrasting the various economic and world factors on the spending behaviours of residents in different geo-locations.

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Optimize Policies & Economic Decisions

Review consumer spending data insights across different regions, industries and periods to benchmark strategic decisions and inform future direction.

* Residency is determined at an FSA level; determination is dependent on a certain minimal level of transactional activity on a card. To ensure the privacy and anonymity of individual cardholders, geo-locational reporting is at an FSA level (or higher); a specific geo-location will only be reported if it meets certain minimum constraints.

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