Customer Acquisition and Loyalty

Focus engagement strategies and tactics for new and existing customers with insights into trends and spending habits and the extent of your customer base’s loyalty.

Understand What Drives Your Customers

Customer acquisition and retention are instrumental to a business’s growth. Significant amounts of capital are spent on marketing to acquire new customers and engage existing ones and minimizing churn. However, companies may not always have access or have limited access to the data analytics and resources required to gain comprehensive consumer insights. While other solutions (e.g., in-house loyalty programs, if implemented) may provide insights into a small subset of customers, we have access to real time insights across billions of transactions. Understanding what drives new and existing consumer behaviour over time and the extent of consumer loyalty can help companies better plan their marketing strategies and tactics going forward.

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Key Insights

New and Existing (Repeat) Customers

Better understand whether sales performance is driven by new customers or existing repeat customers, and compare the spending habits of each group.

Measure Customer Exclusivity

Determine the split between consumers who purchase exclusively with your business versus also purchasing with competitors, and understand where they fall on the loyalty spectrum and their spending habits over time.

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Understand Customer Behaviours

Utilize consumer spending data to understand and better predict where customers are and their buying behaviour.

* Residency is determined at an FSA level; determination is dependent on a certain minimal level of transactional activity on a card. To ensure the privacy and anonymity of individual cardholders, geo-locational reporting is at an FSA level (or higher); a specific geo-location will only be reported if it meets certain minimum constraints.

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