Measure and Optimize Marketing

Measure the true impact of your campaigns in driving online and in-store sales to inform and optimize your budgeting decisions and marketing strategies.

Test, Assess and Understand the Customer Journey

Strategic marketing decisions are often based on limited insights that do not reflect the channels and campaigns driving sales. Online sales only account for 10-15% of retail sales* but are often used to measure the effectiveness of entire campaigns. Privacy restrictions over the years have made it challenging to connect in-store sales and online data. With payment data from Moneris, Canada’s largest payment processor, we can help you comprehensively measure the impact of your marketing efforts across all digital marketing channels in driving both online and in-store sales. Our anonymized consumer data will enable you to adhere to privacy standards while providing accurate in-store data to understand the remaining fraction of retail sales. Focus your marketing spend by examining all marketing channels and understanding the true impact of your campaigns.

*Based on internal Moneris ‘clicks and bricks’ spending analysis.

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Digital Marketing Attribution

Measure the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaigns in driving online and in-store sales by linking your online data to offline transaction data with our patented data connectivity mechanism.


A/B Testing

Test the success of your digital and non-digital campaigns before launching full campaigns. Optimize ad spend by focusing on campaigns with the best chances of driving sales.

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